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Samuel + Hildegunn // Wedding // Normandy France

One summer in the North of France a Finnish boy married a Norwegian girl and this is their wedding story. 

A huge thank you to Hildegunn & Samuel for choosing me to photograph your special week.

I kept feeling like this wedding was way too good to be true. I was incredibly honored and nervous to photograph this wedding being that Samuel is one of the most talented Photographers in Finland. Not only did this wedding look like a real life fairytale but it was filled with the most loving, genuine group of human beings I have even encountered. It is impossible to convey the love and laughter that filled the Château that summer. Seeing as Samuel and Hildegunn love to travel the world, it was of no surprise to anyone that their weeding guests hailed from Norway, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand, Brazil, Iraq, France, Canada, Switzerland, and the United States. To hear all the languages echo through the halls was fascinating. There were so many things that made this wedding so incredible.

To view Samuel and Hildegunn’s wedding video click here

Venue // Private Residence

Hildegunn’s dress was custom designed and hand made in the Philippines by Jun Escario

Thank you to Garrett Radford for shooting along side me


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Tuomas Mikkonen from Finland Awesome setup and amazing work dude!

Ahtziri from Latina, Latium, Italy Simply stunning!

Jesse Walsh from Salt Lake City, UT, United States Wow wow wow. Amazing work, Logan. Hands down my favorite of yours!

Jesse Walsh from Salt Lake City, UT, United States Wow wow wow. Amazing work, Logan! Definitely my most favorite of yours so far!

Emilia from Hamneda, Kronobergs Län, Sweden These pictures are beyond breathtaking!!!

Rachel Havel from United States This is gorgeous. Congrats Samuel! So happy for you two.

Noelle from Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland One of the most gorgeous weddings I’ve ever seen! You’re amazing, Logan :)

kiyah from Atlanta, GA, United States omgosh this wedding is unreal. every single picture is just stunning! wow, amazing work. beautiful couple. the groom’s reaction to his bride in her dress is perfect!

Gerry from Estonia Some would be extremely cold-hearted if they don’t smile on this one. No words, beyond good.

Jesse Pafundi from New York, NY, United States This is a Disney movie in real life. Well done, dude.

rog from Moreno Valley, CA, United States It’s hard to believe that this couple exists IRL IMHO. Nice work Logan.

Claire Paice from United Kingdom This is one of the most beautiful wedding sets I have ever seen. Just absolutely incredible, wonderful work! I’ve already shared this to a couple friends, and they have all thought the same!


Claire x

Erik Clausen from Mckinney, TX, United States Bro. Lottery win indeed.

Megan from Boulder, CO, United States Logan, truly beautiful! You should be proud of this work! It’s stunning.

Liz from Fort Riley, KS, United States This is the most incredibly and beautifully photographed wedding I have ever seen. You are pure talent.

Julia Manchik from Seattle, WA, United States Logan, you are a legend! This is the best wedding blog post I’ve seen in a looong time.

Lev Kuperman from Belleville, NJ, United States Dude this is seriously one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen. Well done.

Fiona from Bassendean, Western Australia, Australia OMG this is the most divine thing I have ever seen. Absolutely beautifully captured. You totally nailed it x

Summer from Riverside, CA, United States Truly amazing photography <3 You are brillant!

Emilee Andrews from Mainesburg, PA, United States Literally was crying looking at these!! Seriously amazing job!!!

candace from United States I am mesmerized. These are jaw dropping, beautiful, perfect and not fair. I want to look like her and get married there and have these photos as my own. haha
Good job Lo… you’ve done it again! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Clarkie from Los Angeles, CA, United States You certainly did justice to a perfect wedding and couple that’s for sure – simply gorgeous in every way. Jaw dropping stuff..

Алекс from Kostanay, Qostanay, Kazakhstan Это очень круто!!! Это МЕГА ШИКАРНО!!! Съёмка, достойная восхищений и подражаний!!! Поздравляю с отличной работой!

Bethany from Provo, UT, United States These are incredible. I can’t imagine a more perfect wedding or a more perfect capturing of it. Well done sir, well done!

Bulat from Kazan, Kirov, Russian Federation Amazing!

Fotograf Gdańsk from Ilawa, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, Poland It goes to my favourites definitely! Beautiful, happy couple, nice locations, perfect light. Awesomeness :)

Homeinspo- Olle from Mariefred, Södermanlands Län, Sweden The most beautiful and amazing wedding set.
Pictures are taking in a new special way with an great authentic audience.

The pictures are genuine and gorgeous. There are a special feeling in the pictures I really like, it is like I am there with you, I am feeling it.

Just an amazing work, big thanks from in Sweden. You are a star! All the best of luck to the wedding couple.

Seth Skogerboe from Oswego, IL, United States As a wise, nearly-bald, and perpetually twelve years old-ish comic character once stated,
“Good grief.”

Larissa Simoes from Sao Paulo, Brazil from Rio Claro, São Paulo, Brazil I’m in love with this wedding, video and photos. It’s amazing, awesome, wonderful. I took as inspiration!

Maddie from New South Wales, Australia Out of this world amazing!!!!!!

Jonathan Ong from Singapore, Singapore (general), Singapore Love the warmth in the images :)
Awesome set.

Rebecca from Karlstad, Värmlands Län, Sweden Oh wow! This is amazing!!

Bel from Rio De Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Wonderful! Your photos are amazing! I loved!

Veronika, the Czech Republic from Prerov, Olomoucký Kraj, Czech Republic Hi Logan, I just wanted to say that I follow you only one year but I fell in love with your photos so quickly – it is not even possible. These photos of weddings, the atmosphere, the happiness… Sometimes I feel that your photos make my day. I am very happy to see that the world is not as bad as it looks like, there is still a little piece of humanity, kidness and happiness.
You are very talented man. I wish you all the best.

Neima Pidal from Dover, DE, United States WOW! I’m totally blown away by this wedding!
This might be one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen. Both of them are gorgeous, so beautiful and full of energy, good vibes and love. I really love how you’ve told the story, what an amazing work! Absolutely stunning pictures.
This is like the dream wedding of any photographer and you’ve done a really beautiful work.
Compliments from Spain!

Mike Smith from Dover, DE, United States This is a lie. Fakers. FAKE FASHION TEARS MAKE ME ANGRY.

Kelly Mullady from Guangzhou, Guangdong, China Do you know what the venue was for this wedding, and who designed the dress?

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